Shoulder Arthroscopy and open procedures

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is adept in shoulder arthroscopy and open surgery. Instead of the smaller incisions used during arthroscopies, open surgeries use a single big incision. It requires longer recovery times than an arthroscopic procedure.

Relevant Questions

Q. My friend is into learning different kinds of defense arts and his shoulders hurt a lot, any tips?

Defense arts need the highest strength and require longer and proper training before entering into defense arts. Without proper training it would serious shoulder problems. The cause of the shoulder pain could be labral injury or could be some damage to the cuff or rarely some fracture. He /she needs clinical examination and further evaluation for treatment

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Q. What kind of diagnostic tests do you have available for someone who's facing immense pain in his shoulders?

There are various causes of shoulder pain. A good clinical examination is very much required before going for  radiological evaluation

Fractures can be diagnosed with a simple X-ray

Soft tissue injuries like rotator cuff tear, biceps tendon injury, labral tears can be diagnosed with an MRI scan

Conditions like calcific tendinopathy of  shoulder can be diagnosed with ultrasound

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