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Left Promixal Tibia Split Fracture


  • Unable to bear any weight on affected leg due to severe pain
  • Swelling in the knee area
  • Restricted joint movement
  • Deformity in the lower leg and around the knee

Case Presentation

Due to the severity of the patient’s injuries, Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon in Telangana, recommended treatment of ORIF with an anterolateral approach and lateral plating.

The patient was initially fitted with a spanning external fixator, and after a 12-day period of soft tissue resuscitation, he underwent definitive internal fixation.


The surgery known as ORIF (open reduction internal fixation) is a 2 part procedure used to repair severely fractured bones. This treatment is only conducted for severe fractures that cannot be mended with a splint or cast. 

The patient was provided general anesthesia putting him into a deep slumber to avoid discomfort during the surgery. 

Open reduction is the first step of this procedure. Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla created an incision lateral or parallel to the patella to move the bone back into its proper position.

Internal fixation refers to using metal plates, pins, rods, or screws to hold the bones together. This internal fixation is not removed even after the bone has healed.

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, an orthopedic surgeon in Telangana used the antero-lateral approach. Due to the location and fracture type, the eminent doctor employed 2 cannulated 6.5 mm partly threaded screws and a lateral proximal tibia plate for the patient's surgery. 

Physical Examination & Tests

  • X-ray
  • Surgical profile

Post-Operative Assessment

A stable joint with a complete range of movement was observed during the examination. According to plain radiographs, the fracture had been repaired with proper alignment, and even the fixation stayed stable.


During the 6-month follow-up, the patient could not contain his happiness and said he could walk without assistance and a limp. The patient expressed that due to the accident's impact and the severity of his injuries, he feared that it would take at least a year to recover. He further stated that he had also been worried about having a limp for the rest of his life. He was very appreciative of the excellent result and profusely thankful for the acclaimed Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla’s skillful treatment.

Relevant Questions

Q. What surgeries can help with fractures?

Some fractures can be managed with braces and some can be managed with a blast of Paris application and few fractures require surgical fixation. The surgical options include open reduction or closed. It actually can be fixed add with plates or nail depending on the fracture configuration.

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