Combating shoulder pain in contact sports

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India has now entered a new era, where sports is gaining momentum. The youth is hopeful of making a career in sports. As more and more youth is currently preparing and playing sports on a national and international level, the occurrences of injuries due to these sports are on the rise. Hyderabad is a host to many sports academies. 

Being in sports or other physical activities, you will sometimes encounter minor injuries like sprain and inflammation of the muscles or tissues. While the doctor will ease these with anti-inflammatory medicines, ointments, and muscle relaxants, some major injuries may require surgical repair.

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is one of the best orthopedics in India, with almost a decade of experience. He is located in Hyderabad.  He has had many surgeries to his credit in the past decade, which include surgeries to treat: 

  • rotator cuff repair
  • shoulder replacement,
  • ACL reconstruction,
  • LCL repair and reconstruction,
  • high tibial osteotomy, 
  • subacromial decompression,
  • complicated shoulder fractures,
  • meniscal surgeries, and repairs, etc

His expertise in carrying out these surgeries successfully also precedes his reputation as one of the best knee treatment specialists in Hyderabad. Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla prefers using the arthroscopic surgery method wherever possible to minimise the damage to the muscles and tissues and blood loss.  He aims to help the patient recover fast and make the rehabilitation process faster and easier. This makes him one of the best arthroscopic surgeons in India.


Why does shoulder pain occur?

The shoulder joint is one of those joints with a lot of freedom of movement. Indirectly it means less skeletal support. Your shoulder is likely to get injured when used a lot and not given adequate rest and decompression.  This is when the shoulder takes the support of the muscles of the back, neck, and arms. Over time, all these muscles start paining, making the situation extremely acute.


How can one prevent shoulder pain?

If you are into a sport or work profile that uses the shoulder a muscle a lot more than other muscles, you should start with pre-session preparation to prevent any pain. It would be best to start with warmup exercises and then do strength training for those muscles. This should also be combined with rest and compression. When you are training, your muscles wear compression bands to help increase the blood flow and keep inflammation low. 

Whatever activity you are involved in, sport, or any other physical form of activity, work closely with your coach and trainer. They are the right people to guide you. However, despite taking all kinds of precautions, if you still end up with a nagging pain that is not going away, follow the routine of rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Once you start feeling better in your shoulder joint, begin with the mild exercise routine and then go on to strength training. Following simple yoga exercises for the shoulder is also a great way to relieve stress on the muscles. You should avoid putting weight on the affected area.


Understanding the shoulder joint:

The shoulder joint comprises the upper arm, the shoulder blade, and the collar bone. The head of the upper arm sits in the socket and is held in place by the surrounding tendons and muscles. These muscles are called rotator cuff muscles.


Causes of shoulder joint pain:

Your shoulder may be in pain because of one of the following reasons:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is caused by prevailing conditions of instability and inflammation.
  • Fractured bone
  • Instability: When the head of the arm is partially dislodged, it causes instability.
  • Inflamed or torn tendon: Instability can also cause inflammation in the tendon.


When should you see the specialist?

Even after resting and relaxing your shoulder joint, if the pain is still persistent, it is time to consult your orthopedic doctor. Hyderabad has been a hub of upcoming sportspersons for a long time, which is why the city is a host to some of the best orthopedic doctors, including Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla. When you go for a consultation, your doctor will give you a thorough physical examination. 

The doctor will also inquire about the family history of the ailment. If you are prescribed any medications and are currently taking those, please inform the doctor. Also, tell your doctor of any allergies to medicines. Your doctor will suggest specific tests to undergo, which will help determine the cause of the pain. 

The tests could be as  follows:

  • X-ray-will determine fractures if any
  • MRI- will help check muscle damage
  • CT scan - viewing X-rays on a computer gives in-depth information of issues in the bone or the joint.
  • Electromyogram - testing for nerve damage
  • Arthrogram - a dye is injected before the X-ray and MRI. It helps in distinguishing bones, muscles, and tendons.
  • Arthroscopy - The doctor inserts a camera through a small opening made by an incision. It helps in not only imaging the internal muscles but, the doctor can also carry out minimally invasive surgeries using this technique.


Treatment options for shoulder pain:

Apart from the pain and anti-inflammatory medications that the doctor prescribes, you will undergo physiotherapy to improve your shoulder strength and flexibility. However, if the damage is excessive due to injury or any other reason, surgery is your best option.

The surgeon will carry out an arthroscopy for repairing torn tissues, or open surgery may be required for shoulder replacements and more extensive reconstructions.



Prevention is better than cure. You can avoid being severely injured by strengthening your muscles and joints with regular exercise. In the event that you are injured, you will be able to recover fast after the treatment program. It is crucial to get in touch and care for a trustworthy doctor.

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Joints are commonly seen in inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis ,reactive arthritis,SLE.Typically Stiffness is seen in these cases after taking rest. These conditions have to be evaluated and treated properly.Please check with an orthopaedician near to you.

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Q. Using which tests do you diagnose ACL injury?

Knee ACL injuries can be diagnosed by clinical examination and will be confirmed by MRI scan

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Q. What kind of diagnostic tests do you have available for someone who's facing immense pain in his shoulders?

There are various causes of shoulder pain. A good clinical examination is very much required before going for  radiological evaluation

Fractures can be diagnosed with a simple X-ray

Soft tissue injuries like rotator cuff tear, biceps tendon injury, labral tears can be diagnosed with an MRI scan

Conditions like calcific tendinopathy of  shoulder can be diagnosed with ultrasound

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Q. What factors can lead upto knee replacement surgery?

Total knee replacement is usually indicated in stage 4 arthritis where the patient is not able to do her daily activities by herself. Usually, the progression of knee arthritis increases in patients who are doing squatting position, sitting crossed leg position, climbing stairs frequently

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Q. Is shoulder pain treatable with home remedies? at what point should one consider showing themselves to the doctors?

There is a variety of shoulder problems that could cause shoulder pain. Shoulder pain for a shorter duration can wait for spontaneous resolution of pain. Shoulder pain which is of longer duration can't be waited and should be seen by the specialist doctor at the earliest for evaluation and treatment.

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