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Dr.Rajesh Thunuguntla is one of the best orthopedic doctors in Telangana with 9+ years of experience. He is a Board-certified Orthopaedic surgeon with DNB from one of the best institutes for joint and bone surgery. 


He offers a comprehensive treatment of sports injuries, rotator cuff repair, Arthroscopy, Bankart's repair and remplissage, recurrent patellar dislocations, and knee and shoulder injuries. He is an expert in performing Arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgeries and joint replacement surgeries of the hip, knee, and shoulder.


Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is available for consultation at Onus Hospital as a Consultant Arthroscopy and Trauma surgeon. He is a member of the Indian cartilage society. He has published a paper on A retrospective and prospective study of functional outcome of surgical management of acetabular fractures.  


Role of an orthopedic surgeon

An orthopedic surgeon can identify and diagnose problems of the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. They are qualified to prescribe and perform treatments and guide the rehabilitation plan. The orthopedic surgeon also shows patients how to manage their disorders of the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.  


Sedentary lifestyles accompanied by stress and over physical activity have led to an increased occurrence of low back pain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring injury, shoulder tear, ligament tear, hip fracture, knee pain, and several other conditions.


A qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon can treat and resolve these disorders the right way. People suffering from these and other related orthopedic issues can approach Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, an orthopedic doctor in Telangana, for treatment and resume their routine activities.


Type of Orthopedic Conditions and disorders

Sports Injuries and Treatment

Sports Injuries

It is normal for sportspeople to injure themselves depending upon the sports they play. Most common sports injuries include sprains, strains, knee injuries, fractures, swollen muscles, dislocations, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to seek an orthopedic consultation for the right treatment of the injury to recover well.


Suppose the sports injury displays severe swelling, lumps. In that case, bumps accompanied by pain or popping or crunching sounds are heard when using the joint, or the joint is unable to bear the weight of the joint accompanied by instability, then it is advisable to visit an orthopedic surgeon right away.

Rotator cuff injury and treatment

Repetitive stress, slouching, inflamed tendons in the shoulder, and other movements can injure the rotator cuff. In older people, rotator cuff disorders occur due to bone spurs or pinching of the shoulder area due to calcium deposits. Also, inflammation and irritation in the shoulder joint area can lead to pain in the rotator cuff. Rotator cuff injuries occur most in swimmers, baseball players, tennis players, carpenters, and painters. 


Treatment for Rotator cuff injury includes rest, ice application, and special exercises. In a torn tendon, rest and exercise may reduce the pain. However, surgery is recommended to repair the tear. Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, an orthopedic doctor in Telangana treats rotator cuff injury using non-surgical and surgical methods.

Arthroscopy Bankart's repair and remplissage

Instability in the shoulder can refer to complete shoulder dislocation or partial dislocation. A Bankart's lesion refers to a soft tissue tear (labral tear) leading to an unstable shoulder causing recurrent episodes of shoulder dislocation. This condition causes difficulty in shoulder overhead abduction, fear of dislocation while doing heavy or sports activity. In addition, the patient will lose confidence in doing activities with affected shoulder or limb


Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, an orthopedic doctor in Telangana, will suggest an Arthroscopy Bankart's repair to stabilize the unstable shoulder, especially in repeated dislocations. The Arthroscopy Bankart's repair is a minimally invasive procedure with proven better outcomes.


If required, remplissage procedure is performed to give additional support to the arthroscopic Bankart repair procedure. In this procedure, the orthopedic surgeon repairs the ball or the humeral head by attaching the nearby muscles with anchors onto the defects. Telangana-based Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla has successfully performed Arthroscopy Bankart's repair and remplissage procedures.

Recurrent patellar dislocations

Recurrent patellar dislocations or kneecap instability occurs when the patella or the kneecap moves outside the grove at the end of the femur bone. It helps in smooth knee movement. Recurrent patellar dislocations are likely to occur after a patellar dislocation, and it is quite common.

Recurrent patellar dislocations


Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, an orthopedic doctor in Telangana, offers a comprehensive solution of patellar dislocation. It occurs mainly in athletes.  

Patellar dislocations are treated non-surgically as well as surgically. The non-surgical treatment includes rest, ice application, and painkillers, while the surgical treatment is done in recurrent episodes of dislocation, which includes an arthroscopy procedure to repair the torn ligaments tighten or lengthen the ligaments as required.

All knee and shoulder injuries

These days, knee and shoulder injuries are widespread. Patients in these conditions complain of stiffness, soreness, grating, or throbbing pain in knee and/shoulder joints. Painful shoulder and knee joints interfere with normal activities, and the patients cannot perform them with ease.

shoulder injuries


ACL/MCL injuries, ligament injury, rotator cuff injury, the onset of degenerative joint disease can cause knee or shoulder injuries. Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, one of the best orthopedic doctors in Telangana, has acquired expertise in treating all types of knee and shoulder injuries. He offers extensive rehabilitation plans to manage and maintain these conditions apart from suggesting surgical treatment options if required.


About Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla

  • Board-certified Orthopedic surgeon with DNB
  • Member of the Indian cartilage society


9 + years of Expertise and Experience in

  • Arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgeries
  • Complex trauma surgeries and
  • Joint replacement surgeries of the hip, knee, and shoulder



A retrospective and prospective study of functional outcome of surgical management of acetabular fractures - IJOS2020:6(3):54-59 -

Poster Presentation

Total femur replacement in malignant bone tumors: A case series at IMSOS2015, Mumbai.

Why choose us?

  • Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is a young and dynamic orthopedic surgeon with expertise in Arthroscopic Knee & Shoulder surgery available in Telangana. He has considerable proficiency in sports medicine required to treat athletes and other sportspeople. 
  • Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is a friendly and patient-doctor when treating his patients. He understands their pain, discomfort and hence offers the best possible treatment to resolve their issues. If required, he suggests a comprehensive approach to the orthopedic issue to ensure the patient regains normalcy and mobility.


 PCL injury frequently occurs in conjunction with injuries to other knee structures. Visit Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla, a renowned arthroscopic surgeon for PCL Reconstruction Surgery in Telangana. He provides excellent and affordable treatment with positive results.

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is adept in shoulder arthroscopy and open surgery. Instead of the smaller incisions used during arthroscopies, open surgeries use a single big incision. It requires longer recovery times than an arthroscopic procedure.

Sports injuries are the damages that occur during sports or exercise. Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla has expertise in treating sports injuries. He provides the most effective treatment so that you can recover faster and resume your routine.

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla also offers frozen shoulder treatment that involves range-of-motion exercises and corticosteroids. Sometimes, numbing medications are injected into the joint capsule. In a few cases, arthroscopic surgery may be indicated to loosen the joint capsule to move more freely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Risks of arthroscopy are as follows:

  • Nerve damage
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Clots in a vein
  • Numbness at the surgical site

It will take about six weeks to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery. The period may increase if your damaged tissues are repaired. You should restrict your activity till the knee strength and range of motion have returned to normal.

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is one of the most expert orthopedic doctors in Telangana who treats sports injuries, knee and shoulder injuries, ligament tears, rotator cuff injuries, and many more conditions. 

Dr. Rajesh Thunuguntla is a proficient Arthroscopic Knee & Shoulder and Sports Medicine Specialist in Hyderabad. He is recognized as one of the most dynamic orthopedic surgeons in Telangana and on par with the latest treatment and developments in orthopedics.

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